The Lion of Judah

In the middle of my uncertainty you came in and set me free. You set my soul on fire, deep with the desire to come out and rise higher than the low expectations of the world I tried to conform to.

God is my soul, he’s my light, he’s my heart mender. Everything I’ve gone through told me that I was not enough. I couldn’t stand firm in a room and feel as though my presence was enough. I couldn’t speak and be me without the feeling of disgrace. BUT GOD you seen my heart face to face.

Dying to breathe, my heart was held by the throat, being choked by hands of the enemy of deception. Every beat bled with worry, ever beat bled with rejection, every beat bled with shame and false self perception. Deception wispered in the ears of my heart, repeating the negative reflection of all my childhood rejections.

Abba Father!! I call and he comes in like a lion on its prey. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” I thank God for setting me free mentally! I called for him and he instilled his holy spirit inside of me. Now I walk in my Integrity. No weapon formed against me shall propser , I share in Gods victory and the fear of rejection has no more dominion over me.

Praise him 👑

Bringing in Mindfulness (free yourself from doubt, guilt and Fear) I am A Divine Goddess.

Growing up I was always the thinker out of the bunch, telling people what I thought, seeing things way differently than everybody else, and I always had an eye for the bigger picture. Which was good but, as time went on, it got me into trouble, a lot of trouble. What I didn’t understand when I was younger, was that eye for the bigger picture I had, was the eye of my mind, and if I didn’t feed it, guard it, and use it for a higher purpose, I could get stuck in a negitive pathway of thinking, that is detrimental to your life.

Having went through life and to me going through a tremedious amount of grief, fear, and pain, i’m proud to say i’ve grown up and claimed the victory over my mind. I am no longer getting stuck in negitive pathways of thinking, but grabbing hold of my mind, sorting out what thoughts are good for me and what thoughts are bad for me. Not only using my mind as a weapon but as a tool to reaching my higher self and having more peace, love and joy on my life’s journey.

It hasn’t been easy but, I’m making sure I’m constantly redirecting my mind from a fearful, weak, losing mindset to an empowering one, and staying in constant mind renewal. I want to share how I’ve done it, so maybe those who are stuffering mentally and needing help to defeat negitive thoughts can find growth and be set free to live peacefully in the mind and joyous in their spirits.
What I noticed with me was there are triggers in my mind that place me in a negative thought or memory when I hear certain words or come across a familiar negitive energy. I found that you can have negitive attachments to certain words, because they are attached to a certain guilt from your past, a painful situation that occurred before, or just fear of being misunderstood, feeling self-conscious, having anxiety or whatever negitive flow of energy it may be. How I formed a new way of thinking and got out of fearful guilty thinking was, I started attaching a positive affirmation word, phrase, or song lyric to the thought or energy that’s coming at me. I use “You are a Divine Goddess” when i’m in situations where i’m feeling overwhelmed, anxious or self-conscious. If i’m in a room full of people and don’t feel comfortable speaking it out loud, I think it so it finds its way to my subconscious mind. When you are conscious enough to know what you’re thinking about (thinking about what you think about) it’s easier to put a new positive affirmation word at the disruptive thought (a thought that doesn’t suite your goal or life intention. It brings up something old you may have suffered through or had negitive feelings about). Once you get in the habit of feeding yourself more positive thoughts about yourself and what you’re facing, it will take you down a healthier way of thinking.

I believe you can live with who you are now or you can live with who you are later, but it’s better RIGHT now for your peace sake. The stopping of playing on your emotions can be a huge aide in positive midset reinforcements or getting over guilt, hurt or trauma from your past (or even a difficult situation with work, a disagreement w/ a family member or people in general). When you’re always playing on your emotions, it allows others to play on your emotions too. It also creates a foggy pathway on your positive thinking journey and your life in general. When you’re caught up in negitive thinking, thinking about what happened, who wronged you, why is this why is that, what’s wrong with me? You lose your positive perpsective and you act on your negitive thoughts that doesnt suite the goals you have for your life, then your outer world looks just that, negative.

Realizing everything isn’t always going to be a love thing worked for me too, because sometime you wont feel the love, or love isn’t there. Sometimes you are meant to go down a certain negitive pathway(face a negitive energy) so you can reach your positive affirm words. Sometimes you gotta work through the mess in your mind( the situation at hand) to get free from the things that are holding you back, or for you to respond better than you usually do. Sort it out, but don’t dwell on the things that aren’t freeing you.

If you’re wanting to achieve somethimg and you’re at a point where you know, “okay I have to do things differently to get different results”, you start checking in(what’s going on on the inside) and figuring out what’s the issue.
Then, you build better habits of thinking and doing things, but where people mess up a lot of times is they don’t do it long enough to even see a peak of results. (Where you notice a difference in you) You have to be doing it day after day (consistency) (21 days or more) really applying yourself, putting your whole heart into it. Once you reach one level, do it 21 more days, then 21 more days, deepining that integrity in your subconscious mind to where you’ve reached the place where your addicted to growing and evolving within. It’s a beautiful place. ‎

When starting something new, especially when it’s working on your mind and removing old habits, I think people must also understand that results aren’t everything. You will mess up and you’re not perfect. When you find yourself being negitive and acting in negitive ways, just stop, refocus and keep going, remembering it’s all in the process, and enjoying your journey is really what counts AND you are loved. What you are facing is just temporary, fear is only in the mind, and you have power over negative thinking.

Peace ☮Love ❤ & Protection 💪

Letter from God

Everyday I watch your mind move like a rollercoaster, the thrill to reach a mill, I say to you peace be still.

I know to you, its not about the money, it’s about your family and their progress.
The chronicles of a family with the habits of a poverty stricken mindset.

I set them free.

I sit by and watch you live your life day by day and sometimes I see you go astray,

But my love has no limitations or qualifications on the human that you bring forth today,

Sure they may think you’re trying to use or abuse them because of what they’ve been through,

But I know that’s not in you, I know your heart, it speaks, I love you.

I am the same as I was yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever more.

I Grant you that heart that soars.

‎Your Everlasting

The Decline of Class Amongst Black Women

What is your definition of beauty?

Beauty to me has a soul deep kind of meaning, it’s beauty from the inside, calm but on fire with a grace that lightens up a room. It’s beautiful not only because of what it has on or what it looks like from the outside, but it’s its style, its flow of movement joined together with a smile that gives a sign of peace and virtue.

Of all the billions of people on this planet, we each have our own and different definitions of what beauty is, what it looks like or even what is sounds like. But in our differences, when all in one place, when something beautiful walks in the room we all can recognize it.

A few weeks back I was connecting with my Facebook audience, looking for potential blog ideas, and a good friend responded with a few goods ones, one the was topic on the decline of class amongst black woman. That topic hit home for me. Being in the beauty industry I get really particular about the definition of beauty, what it actually means and really as women how we should carry ourselves. A huge chunk of the world has grown a loving for social media( including myself)and it’s filters alongside the world of makeup, clothes, shoes(the red bottom epidemic ), cosmetotic surgeries and so on. All those things are lovely when you have them, and they do provide enhancements to your life of beauty but, those things aren’t beautiful in themselves. On the outside they make a person appear more beautiful but, on the inside it has no effect.

Beauty to me is god-given and I feel we are all made beautiful in our own way.

1 Peter 3:3-4King James Version (KJV)

3 Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel;4 But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.

So raising the topic on the decline of class amongst black women you would have to agree or disagree to whether or not there has been a decline and to me there has been. Black women, those particularly of a darker hugh, have gotten the short end of the stick for as long as I can remember(and I’m only 25 lol). I’m sure i’m not alone on this seeing that we all have heard this from many other sources. As black women we don’t look like everyone else, we share our own qualities but yet if you are of a darker hugh and you don’t have that exotic look to you, or an ethnicity that’s not in your background you are not the “ideal beauty” in the worlds eyes.

The black women to me has had to face a ginormous amount of life events that has traumatized her mentally, emotionally and even in some cases physically, forcing us to forget who we are and who we belong to, stunting our growth and for a lot of us not allowing us to live up to our fullest potential. Not to mention centries ago, having their black men ripped from their homes beaten and killed. All of that was a great attempt to break the black womens spirit and it worked. That act of killing a black womens spirit has been carried over to today, plus more and more added on negative life experiences, continuing that same act of breaking that spirit that allows the black women to survive, thrive and achieve today.

Why do I mention broken spirits asscociated with the decline of class?

When a black women looses her spirit she forgets who she is and who she belongs to. What spirit is this? It’s a spirit of love and that has spirit been transformed into fear and self hate. Broken spirits through heartaches and trauma brings on the lack of self love or even the lack of knowledge about how to love oneself. That lack makes the black women look for love in outside sources and a lot of the time we look in unhealthy sources, bad friendships, work, bad relationships, food, drugs and the worst of all television and social media. These things continue to cloud up the mental space we need to tap into our true selves, and they pull us further away from the internal work that needs to be done in ourselves.

In todays world, I feel the black woman has really lost the standard for herself because of the worldly image we feel we have to achieve. A lot of us are made to believe we have to look like her or do what they are doing on tv so we can receive the same attention. Attention based beauty. How many people can see you, compliment you and to give you your title to make you feel beautiful. Beauty has been centered around who’s looking at you, what they are thinking about you, how they feel about you and as black women and people in general that’s what stops us from seeing how beautiful we really are. Putting on less clothes, more hair weaves, getting injections of any sort, and more makeup, it is all designed for people (and i’m speaking of the black women in particular) to live in a fake world, hiding what’s really going on in the inside. Fake illsusions to gain power and followers.

Growing up I was that black girl that struggled in my black girlness. I was darker than everyone else, I looked completely different than everyone else, especially going to an all-white School. I wore relaxed hair, stuffed my bra, and wanted to live how everybody else was living and look the same way. My mom would say “you can’t be like everybody else, they are not going where you are going“, and I finally understand what she meant by that. I was not made to follow behind someone elses beautiful, I was made to be my own kind of beautiful and influence others to do the same. The best thing I ever did for myself was entering into the beauty industry, growing inside of it and still growing, i’ve gotten a glimpse of what my beauty is capable of, not just by my looks but by who I am on the inside.

Having class I believe means you are holding up a certain maturity, integrity, discipline, and virtue about yourself. I don’t believe it’s wrong using the beauty enhancements they have out there, I believe it’s wrong using them to make you who you are. I live for the day when the black women sorts out her inner issues with God’s help, waking up one morning and stands in the mirror with no enhancements and looks at herself in admiration and in love. Checking out out all her flaws, blemishes, curves, hair and seeing herself, her real self. Realizing she doesn’t need men or people to define who is, not following what the world says she is but who God says she is. I’m happy we have women like Gabrielle Union, Sanaaa Lathan, Oprah and Taraji P Henson. These are the type of women you want your daughters to learn from and your boys to sought after. These people are keys to bringing up our black women and raising the bar of real class and beauty and If I could be just a link with them, then to God be all the glory. 🙏

May God bless you on your journey to finding you.

Spread Love ❤

Love Visuals

In and out your mind on the drop of a dime.

Master of my identity, creating visuals of self knowledge through spoken word. I flip it over and leave it for next one. This is my analogy for freedom, I want it for everyone.
Those who are full of fear will never jump,
Over the cliffs it’s the life you never had, full of your own gifts.
The life where your kids are well equipped.
It’s relationships that haven’t sank their ships,
It’s marriage proposals that went unsaid.
Or maybe flying in a private jet to swimming with dolphins under the sunset.
A Diamond ring and earrings sets, she said yes.
Pirouettes in the middle of your debts.
Fine dinning before a live game at the Jets stadium.
I plant seeds in the mind,
Take over your atmoshpere like real love by Mary j. Ohh I’m searching for a real love.
How is it when you find it? Does it’s arms wrap around you and hold you? Does it hug you and kiss you, even with all your issues.
Does it fill you up like a cold glass of lemonade on a bright and sunny day.
Goodnight’s to good mornings, waking up to pancakes in bed, “mom mom we made you breakfast”.
Kisses on the forehead.
Is real love time-less like the imagination of those with a purpose?
Real love, will it hurt a bit? If it hurts a bit would you live with it? I want that real love and a life full of it.

Someone to set my heart free, real love, ohh ohh ohh I’m searching for a real love. ❤

Serene #dailypost #photochallenge

Today I woke up to the feeling of feeling mind blocked . I had a schedule set and a regimen that I was going to follow in order to have an accomplished day or to feel accomplished. Meticulously I studied my movements and everything that I was going to do in order to get my daily goals accomplished. In all of my plannings, what did not occur to me was that I was not taking care of myself. After that thought, I unconsciously took a seat on the couch and started to find my focus. In my slowing down, I gained my consciousness and remembered that I am still a winner . I’m the type of person that constantly wants to grow in mindfulness and in new self knowledge on a daily basis that I put so much emphasis and worry, putting so much time into learning and growing but, what I haven’t done is take the mental time to myself to think about what I already know, what I have already done, or even how much I’ve already grown. My worry allowed me to believe I haven’t done enough, pushing me to keep moving but not allowing me to reflect. So today with all the to do’s and plannings, I’m going to let what I’ve already learned sink in and take care of myself. An at home spa day, followed by a yoga session with Adriene, and a YouTube sermon by the great TD Jakes, puts me right where I need to be and I’m living the rest of my day out in serenity.

Temporary #photo-challenge #dailypost

When I think of the word temporary, I think of something that doesn’t stay around for long. In my life I’ve been in positions weather it be work or just life situations that have shown themselves to be temporary things. Having a passion for hair and beauty it automatically signs me up for temporary lol. You’re not in a place for too long, you’re put in a certain place to grow in your skill, meet people that will provide you with new wisdom and educate you on your ladder road. My share of temporary positions has always driven me to have the will and want to to go after the best and be the best and not be snuck in that temporary level. This temporary place is full of regretfulness and the push to endure. A home for senior citizens not only shows you how precious life is but, shows you how certain life is as well. In the salon, the hallways, and passing by rooms you get to see lives near endings, crippled lives, and some with endless freedoms but one word comes to mind thinking off all the lives I pass by on a daily basis, regret. Did these people live out their passions? Were some cut short by a crippling condition stopping their creative flow, and the others nearing life’s end, did they do everything they wanted? Did they get a chance to be their best selves? Some yes, I’ve heard beautiful stories and some nos, they wish they had more time or was free from their current situation that isn’t so temporary. For me this temporary work space gives me a compelling heart to not only exist in this world but to walk up right with the Grace that allows me to be young and in charge of my world, pushing to reach my highest potential. Give a smile to those who need it and spread the feeling of certainty that there is a King that watches over us all, and we are all sheltered in his love and everlasting life. Feelings are temporary but a person with a purpose never dies.😊 #photo-challenge #dailypost #temporary